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“Art is not static, like culture. Art changes its form with the times. It is setting the clock back to expect that the art form of Africa today must resemble that of yesterday otherwise the former will not reflect the African image. African art has always, even long before western influence, continued to evolve through change and adaptation to new circumstances. And in like manner, the African view of art has followed the trend of cultural change up to the modern times”.
. . . Ben Enwonwu, 1950

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does the Foundation have a library that I can use?
A: Yes, the Foundation has a library and research facilities. The Foundation updates its archives regularly

Q: Can the public see artworks by Ben Enwonwu at the Foundation?
A: Yes, the largest single collection of his work is on display at the Foundation's Omenka Gallery.

Q: Can I use Enwonwu imagery in advertisements or in other commercial ways such as licensing merchandise.
A: Permision to use Enwonwu imagery for any commercial purpose must be granted by the Foundation.

Q: I'd like to reproduce several paintings by Ben Enwonwu in a book that I'm writing. Can you tell me how I can get permission to do this?
A: The Ben Enwonwu Foundation controls the copyrights to Ben Enwonwu's art works. This is regardless of who owns specific works of art. Anyone wishing to reproduce his works in a newspaper, book or research paper should contact The Ben Enwonwu Foundation.

Q: Can I purchase Ben Enwonwu-related merchandise such as T-shirts, posters, postcards, and note cards?
A: Yes, the Foundation sells an extensive range of products at her gift shop.

Q: Does The Ben Enwonwu Foundation purchase artwork by Enwonwu?
A: Yes, the Foundation purchases work by Ben Enwonwu and sells only limited edition prints of his paintings.

Q: Does the Foundation accept gifts of Ben Enwonwu's artworks or memorabilia?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: How can I determine the authenticity of artworks by Ben Enwonwu ?
A: Please click

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